Aras honors Fux in a note for “firmness in front of

The Attorney General of the Republic, Augusto Aras, paid tribute to Minister Luiz Fux, for the conclusion of the first year in the presidency of the Supreme Federal Court (STF), this Thursday (9). According to Augusto Aras, the president has been showing firmness in conducting the work of the STF against a backdrop of great instabilities generated by multiple factors, including the covid-19 pandemic.

The public homage comes on the same day that the president of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro (no party), backed down in the face of threats of not complying with court orders and calling STF minister Alexandre de Moraes a “scoundrel”. Aras’ statements were made in a public speech and reproduced in a note officially released by the Attorney General’s Office. To read, click here.

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The PGR stated that, despite these difficulties, Minister Luiz Fux conducts the STF with strength. “We have seen and see your excellence facing and, together with the Public Ministry, coordinating many actions that will never even be the object of understanding by so many who from the House of Justice and the Public Ministry itself expect peace and social harmony,” he said.

According to Aras, in the last year, the president of the STF spoke to the Brazilian people on several occasions, with parsimony and authority, about values ​​dear to all Brazilian society: democracy, freedom, respect for diversity, tolerance and love for the country.

According to Augusto Aras, Fux shows how the storms should be faced in front of the Brazilian Judiciary, with the support of the Vice President of the Court, Minister Rosa Weber. For him, the president is successful in maintaining the institutional stability due and adequate to the Supreme. The PGR spoke, during the plenary session this Thursday, after a tribute paid by Minister Carmen Lúcia, on behalf of the other ministers of the Court.

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Edition: Vinícius Segalla

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