Anvisa teams receive death threats again if

The National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) reported that the agency’s employees were again threatened with pressure against the approval of the covid vaccine for people under 12 years of age. Last week, the Pfizer laboratory announced that it will file a request for the application of the immunizing agent in children.

Agency directors and employees received anonymous emails with intimidation on Friday (29). Less than 24 hours earlier, similar messages were sent. The author of the text insinuated that the vaccine would be harmful to the child public and stated, “whoever attacks my child’s safety: will be killed”.

::USA approves application of Pfizer’s vaccine for children aged 5 to 11 years::

Identified as a resident of Paraná, he also criticized educational institutions in the state. In a note, Anvisa informed that “apparently” the two texts were not written by the same person.

Both cases were reported to the Presidency of the Republic, the National Congress and the Federal Supreme Court. Attorney General’s Office and Federal Police were also notified

According to the Food and Drug Administration, the Pfizer-BioNTech consortium’s coronavirus vaccine is safe for use in children. The health authority of the United States approved the use of the immunizing agent in this public last week. The pharmacist has not yet filed the request with Anvisa, however.


Edition: Vinícius Segalla

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