“Anti-candidacy” of lawyer Soraia Mendes to the STF receives

The “anti-candidacy” of lawyer Soraia Mendes to the Supreme Court (STF) receives, this Tuesday (3), the formal support of 130 entities, popular movements and civil society organizations. The initiative is part of the campaign For a secular and independent STF, which repudiates the appointment of Pastor André Mendonça for Marco Aurélio Mello’s vacancy in the most important court in the country.

The supporting entities will deliver to the Federal Senate, within the next few hours, a letter justifying their support for the lawyer.

:: Jurist Soraia Mendes becomes a candidate for the STF in opposition to André Mendonça ::

A black woman, Mendes presents herself as a defender of the human rights of women, quilombolas, civil servants, indigenous people, community radio stations and LGBTQIA+ people.

The campaign for the appointment of the lawyer is led by the Brazilian Association of Jurists for Democracy (ABJD), the Association of Judges for Democracy (AJD), the Association of Lawyers and Lawyers for Democracy, Justice and Citizenship (ADJC), by the Collective for a Transformador Public Ministry (Transform MP Collective), by the Public Defenders and Defensor Collective for Democracy, by the Institute for Research and Advanced Studies of the Magistracy and the Labor Public Ministry (IPEATRA) and by the Anti-Fascism Police Movement.

“André Mendonça’s nomination to the STF [pelo presidente Jair Bolsonaro] represents a setback in the pillars of Brazilian justice and democracy, since the attorney general of the Union has an explicit ideological alignment with the Bolsonaro government, which has promoted social dismantling and neglected the seriousness and serious consequences of the covid-19 pandemic in the country “, evaluate the organizations.

“[Soraia Mendes] she is an ‘anti-candidate’ because we know that the nomination to the STF minister is the prerogative of the president of the Republic, and Jair Bolsonaro would never nominate a black jurist, professor and committed to the Federal Constitution. But it is important for Brazilian society to know that it is not for lack of a coherent, correct and dignified option that he fails to indicate, but for an option in defense of anti-republican values”, they add, in the letter of support.

:: The time and time of the black or indigenous and anti-racist jurist in the Federal Supreme Court ::

To assume a seat in the Supreme Court, André Mendonça will need to sit a hearing in the Federal Senate. The nomination must also obtain a majority vote on the House floor.

If approved, the pastor will replace minister Marco Aurélio Mello, who retired on July 12th.

“By the notorious knowledge”

Soraia Mendes holds a Ph.D. in Law, State and Constitution from the University of Brasília (UnB), a Master’s in Political Science from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) and a post-doctorate in Contemporary Legal Theories from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro ( UFRJ). Currently, Mendes works in the area of ​​Criminal Sciences. She has also been, for two consecutive terms, national coordinator of the Latin American and Caribbean Committee for the Defense of Women’s Rights (CLADEM).

In an interview with Brasil de Fato, the lawyer stated that she intends to be “guardian of the Constitution and, consequently, of our democracy”. For her, the anticandidacy is a response to “an occupation project by the Supreme Court, blatantly contrary to constitutional requirements.”

“Our candidacy is that. A viable alternative for its notorious knowledge, but, above all, for expressing what is required of someone who has the legitimacy to take a seat in a Supreme Court of a Democratic Rule of Law,” he said.

The date of André Mendonça’s hearing in the Senate has not yet been released.

Check out the complete list of organizations that support Soraia Mendes’ “anti-candidacy” to the STF.

Edition: Vivian Virissimo

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