Annoyed, Minister Queiroga points his middle finger at

Health Minister Marcelo Queiroga, one of the members of President Jair Bolsbaro’s entourage (non-party) in New York (USA), lost his patience this Monday (20) when the vehicle he was occupying faced a demonstration against the Brazilian entourage.

The Brazilian president arrived last Sunday (20) in the North American city, where he will speak at the opening of the UN General Assembly, this Tuesday. Since his arrival, the president of Brazil has occupied the pages of the international press in the space dedicated to tabloid-type news.

He has already become a subject for having been forced to enter through the back doors of the hotel where he is staying (to avoid a protest that occurred at the main entrance), for having eaten pizza on the street because he did not have proof of vaccination to enter restaurants, for having a member of his entourage infected by a covid staying in a room close to his and for being considered a risk factor for the spread of the virus during the event.

::Delegation with covid, pizza on the street, hotel act: in 48 hours, Bolsonaro is in the news 4 times in NY::

See, below, a video recorded this Monday, with minister Queiroga reacting to the protests against the Brazilian delegation, published by the newspaper Metrópoles.

Accumulation of bad repercussion

A diplomat from President Jair Bolsonaro’s entourage (non-party) in the United States tested positive for covid-19, according to Raquel Krahenbuhl, Globo News correspondent in Washington.

See, below, the journalist’s publication on her social networks, in the original version, posted in English.

::Isolated, Bolsonaro will address the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN)::

Even before Queiroga’s colorful reaction, Jair Bolsonaro had been criticized in reports that expose experts’ fears that the UN event will become a super-spreader of the delta variant of the new coronavirus, as seen in the image below.

CBS, the US television and communications network, quotes Jair Bolsonaro in a report on the risk of the UN Assembly becoming a “overspread event” for covid-19 . Click here to access / Playback/CBS

Before that, he had already made the news on Sunday night (19th) when he had pizza at a restaurant in New York where products are served on the sidewalk. Is that the municipality requires proof of vaccination for entry into restaurants and other establishments with public access. See an example below, from a report by British newspaper The Independent, which cites Jair Bolsonaro’s insistence on challenging sanitary rules.

The London-based journal The Independent describes Jair Bolsonaro as “notorious skeptic about the vaccine” / Reproduction

Even before that, on his arrival in New York on the same Sunday, the Brazilian had drawn negative attention from the international press when he had to enter through the back doors of the hotel where he is staying, by order of the US Secret Service (responsible for security at international authorities), to avoid a demonstration against him at the main entrance of the establishment, where the press was also waiting.

Nobody saw him coming, it was the protest against him that became the news on his arrival. The report below was distributed by the international news agency AFP, and reports on the protests at the hotel, the fear that the president bears for his refusal to be vaccinated and the pizza he had to eat in the street. And the UN Assembly hasn’t even started.

In just under 48 hours in the US, Jair Bolsonaro has already become a negative polemic four times in the international press. / Reproduction

Edition: Vinícius Segalla

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