Ana Primavesi’s collection will be made available to the public at

Manuscripts, books, unpublished texts, videos and slides from historical classes by agronomist Ana Maria Primavesi will be part of a space dedicated to the researcher, starting next year at the State University of Campinas (Unicamp).

The Fausto Castilho Rare Works Library (Bora) was the place chosen to make available the collection of one of the biggest names in agroecology in the world. In almost 100 years of life, Primavesi has become a reference in the subject.

Born in Austria, the agronomist came to Brazil after World War II. She was already graduated and, in the following decades, she worked at the Federal University of Santa Maria. He actively participated in the creation of representative entities, cultivated the land throughout his life and spread knowledge.

The revolution that Primavesi’s thought represented was a counterpoint to a growing culture of using pesticides, pesticides and other chemicals in the soil. Even before science began to understand the risks that these poisons bring, it already warned of the problem.

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She was also very close to movements in struggle for land and in favor of agrarian reform. He shared knowledge with male and female peasants, but never in a professorial and authoritarian way, always as part of an exchange.

A friend of the teacher for more than 40 decades, Maristela Simões do Carmo, also a researcher and retired professor in the field of agronomy (Unesp and Unicamp), says that there was a concern with the need to “leave a legacy to the youngest”.

Maristela points out the importance of making the collection available to the entire population, completely free of charge, “In Ana’s works, she rescued the importance of the peasants. In the content of her work, which is pure science, popular knowledge also participates, from whom knows the potential and limits of their production systems.”

The material collected is in the process of being recovered and should start being cataloged at the beginning of next year. The intention is to open the collection to the public as of March 8, International Women’s Day.

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Primavesi is the first female researcher to receive space in Unicamp’s Rare Works Library. Vanilde Esquerdo, a professor at the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering (Feagri) at Unicamp, considers the collection as part of the “seeds” left by Ana Primavesi, who died in January 2020.

“Professor Ana’s entire knowledge was always shared with everyone in a very simple way. She spoke on equal terms with peasants. When this space is inaugurated, anyone will be able to have this access.”

The conversation with teachers Maristela and Vanilde was broadcast in full by the Bem Viver program. To listen, click on the audio player below:

Edition: Geisa Marques

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