Am I entitled to an account correction? Know what it is and how

Caixa Econômica Federal started the distribution of R$8.1 billion of the earnings of the Employment Guarantee Fund (FGTS) to workers with a balance in account on December 31, 2020. The amount is 96% of the profit of R$ $8.468 billion obtained by the FGTS.

The greater the balance in the account linked to the fund, the greater the amount the worker will receive. To find out which portion will be deposited, simply multiply the balance that was in the account on December 31st and multiply by 0.01863517. For every R$1 thousand of balance, for example, the worker will receive R$18.63. In total, Caixa will distribute the profit to 191.2 million accounts until the 31st of August.

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How to consult?

To check the balance, there are two ways. The first is through the FGTS application, available for Android and iOS phones. The second is to consult the statement on the Caixa Econômica Federal website. If it is not possible to make the consultation over the internet, the worker can go to a Caixa branch and request the statement at the service desk.

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The FGTS yields 3% per year plus the reference rate (TR), used to correct values ​​over time according to inflation. However, as the TR has been zero since 2017, the yield corresponds to only 3% each year, which can be increased by the distribution of profits.

Where does the FGTS profit come from?

While the balance of the FGTS is not withdrawn by workers, the government uses the money to finance investments in health, sanitation, housing and infrastructure. In return, the government charges interest that is turned into profits.

Edition: Daniel Lamir

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