Alep’s Human Rights Commission charges investigation into

The Human Rights and Citizenship Commission of the Legislative Assembly of Paraná (Alep) sent, this Monday (8), a request for explanations to the Public Security Secretariat (Sesp-PR) on the death of Eduardo Felipe Santos de Oliveira.

The crime took place on Saturday night (6), in the Portelinha community, in the Portão neighborhood, in Curitiba, in the middle of an operation by the Ostensivas Tático Movel (Rotam) operation. Eduardo was 16 years old and was a recycling worker in the community.

In the justification for the request, it is stated the need to obtain information about the “possible irregular use of police force” in the action that killed Eduardo.

::Violence has a color: 86% of the 1,814 killed by the RJ police in 2019 were black::

“The relevant duty of the public security forces involves the proportional and limited use of force, only when and to the extent necessary, and restricted to containment, never admitting that in the name of order, violence is committed”, says an excerpt of the text.

Signed by state deputies Tadeu Veneri (PT) and Goura (PDT), the request sent to Sesp indicates the need to remove agents involved in the crime and analyze videos, photos and other evidence from the night of the action to prove or discard suspicions of abuse of authority and other more serious acts.

Source: BoF Paraná

Edition: Lia Bianchini

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