Against the blockade: International organizations donate

US organizations linked to the International Assembly of Peoples donated 8 tons of food to the Cuban people this Friday (5). The shipment was delivered to the Martin Luther King Memorial, founded on the island by the Ebenezer Baptist Church and which traditionally works in articulation with popular movements in the United States.

The gesture is in line with a series of actions to pressure the government of Joe Biden so that the economic embargo imposed on Cuba is lifted. The blockade has existed since the 1960s and was strengthened when Donald Trump was in the presidency.

For nearly thirty years, the United Nations (UN) has voted and passed a resolution that condemns the sanctions and demands the immediate suspension of the measures. The appeals are supported by hundreds of nations. However, during the Trump administration 243 unilateral sanctions were issued.

In July of this year, a letter published in The New York Times and signed by more than 440 personalities from around the world criticized the embargo. Among the names that supported the manifesto are Chico Buarque, Jane Fonda, Susan Sarandon, Danny Glover and Mark Ruffalo, and former presidents Lula and Rafael Correa.

The document asks Joe Biden, current head of the White House, to end the “coercive measures” created by Trump and begin the process of fully normalizing relations between the two countries. To date, none of the decisions have been reversed by the new US agent.

::Letter on NYT: Lula, Jane Fonda and 440 other figures ask Biden to end the embargo on Cuba::

The damages caused by the embargo exceed US$ 147.8 billion. People’s Forum executive director, Manolo de los Santos, says the donations do not compensate for the damage caused, but represent a call for change.

“(The actions) show our desire to stop our government from trying to strangle the Cuban economy and make people’s lives miserable. Our desire to let Cubans determine their own future, free from US interference.” stands out.

Lonely Aid groups also work in liaison with the US government and the US Congress. Leading the gesture are the women’s organization CodePink, the People’s Forum in New York and the Cuban movement Puentes de Amor.

Edition: José Eduardo Bernardes

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