After six years, the Armed Forces are required to

Corporal Allanis Costa, removed from the Navy in 2015 as determined by the Armed Forces, must be immediately reinstated to the corporation. The decision, published last Tuesday (5), is by Judge Ana Carolina de Carvalho, of the 1st Federal Court of Magé (RJ).

Since 2010 in the Navy, Costa was removed from her duties in the Armed Forces and sent to the reserve in 2015, after informing her superiors that she had started the gender transition process.

In her decision, Carolina de Carvalho determined a daily fine of R$5,000 if the Armed Forces do not comply with the court decision.

For the magistrate, the removal was illegal, as its justification is anchored in medical arguments associated with transsexuality, which ceased to be a pathology in 2018, according to the World Health Organization.

In the decision, published by the newspaper The globe, Costa guaranteed the right to be registered and treated by the social name. In addition, the Navy is expected to provide a female uniform for the corporal.

The Armed Forces can appeal the decision. Allanis Costa’s defense was made by trans lawyer Maria Eduarda Aguiar da Silva.

Edition: Leandro Melito

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