After going back to school in the public system, DF registers 89 cases of

In nearly three weeks of returning to school in person, public schools in the Federal District registered 89 cases of contamination by covid-19. The balance is from the Department of Education of the Federal District, in conjunction with the Department of Health, and released over the weekend.

In the evaluation of the education secretary, Hélvia Paranaguá, this is a “normal, as expected” result. Across the Federal District, the school community comprises 35,000 teachers, 10,000 assistants, 5,000 security guards, lunch ladies and cleaners, and more than 450,000 students.

“Considering the experience of other states, it is within a reasonable framework. Ideally, we would not have any case. We need to wait for the consolidation of this return, since as of today high school students return, which is a segment that continues more than buses, so this can increase the number of contaminations”, says Rosilene Corrêa, director of the Teachers’ Union (Sinpro-DF).

The resumption of classes in public schools in the Federal District began on August 5th, in a staggered manner, first through early childhood education. In the last two weeks, it was the turn of the initial and final grades of elementary school and, as of this Monday (23), classes for high school students have resumed.

At all stages, the schools have operated in a hybrid format, with classes divided into two groups that alternate between face-to-face and remote teaching from week to week.

The regional education boards with the highest numbers of covid-19 cases identified were Plano Piloto (16) and Taguatinga (16). Of the infected people, the largest group is formed by teachers (23 cases), followed by students (17 cases). The cases among lunch ladies, guards and school secretaries totaled 5, while the number of cleaning ladies who tested positive was 7.

According to the Department of Education, every confirmed case record in public schools is followed by a contact tracking protocol. Thus, all people with whom the positive case had close contact (stayed for at least 15 minutes at a distance of less than 1 meter or, contrary to protocol, hugged, kissed or shook hands) are also instructed to move away from the activities and are monitored by the Health Surveillance until the end of the period of fifteen days without symptoms.

Source: Federal District BdF

Edition: Marcia Silva

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