After days of silence, commercial media surrenders to the

The meeting between Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) and French president Emmanuel Macron, on the 17th, was a watershed in Brazilian commercial media coverage of the PT’s tour of Europe. Received as head of state in France, the former PT president and pre-candidate in 2022 was no longer ignored by the far-reaching media in his country.

The change reflects the emphasis that the world press has been giving to Lula’s agenda in Belgium, France and Spain. Standing applauded during an event at the European Parliament earlier this week, the PT member has sought to dissociate the image of Brazil from the group that currently controls the Executive Branch.

Macron’s reception of Lula was seen as a message to Jair Bolsonaro (no party). French newspaper correspondent le monde he called the meeting “a slap in the face on Jair Bolsonaro”.

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If until Wednesday (17) in the morning Lula’s tour was mentioned discreetly, in columns or in short news, the meeting in the French capital turned the game around.

The PT’s agenda appeared on the initial pages of the portals of the Folha de São Paulo It’s from state for the first time since the start of the trip, on the 11th. In the evening, Lula received praise from commentators historically critical of his policies in the Globonews.

During the program Globonews On Agenda, Eliane Catanhêde referred to the former president’s posture as that of a “statesman” and said that the difference to Bolsonaro’s international travels is “overwhelming”.

Catanhêde highlighted the meeting between the PT and Olaf Scholz, the future chancellor of Germany, Brazil’s biggest trade partner in Germany. According to the commentator, Lula’s trips are a success, while Bolsonaro’s are a “fiasco”.

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Images of Lula in Paris circulated throughout the day on the cable TV channel’s programming, and ended up on the most watched newscast in Brazil.

O National Newspaper, from TV Globo, reported that Lula received the Political Courage award, from the magazine International Policy, specialized in international politics, on the same day as the meeting with Macron.

This Thursday (18), Lula participates in the seminar “Multilateral cooperation and regional recovery after Covid-19” in Madrid, Spain.

The PT appears in first place in polls of intention to vote for 2022, with the possibility of beating Bolsonaro in the first round, within the margins of error of the main institutes.

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Edition: Vivian Virissimo

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