After Bolsonaro’s veto, Rio de Janeiro City Hall launches a program of

Days after President Jair Bolsonaro (no party) vetoed a tampon distribution project as a policy to combat menstrual poverty, the City of Rio de Janeiro announced on Wednesday (13) that it will distribute eight million tampons to 100,000 students of municipal schools in the capital.

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The “Livres para Estudar” (Livres para Estudar) program is carried out in partnership with the Municipal Department of Education and aims to combat menstrual poverty and prevent young cariocas from dropping out of school. According to the City Hall, R$ 14 million will be earmarked for the purchase of tampons.

According to the City Hall, around 43,000 students have already stopped going to school due to the lack of this basic hygiene item. Dropping out of school, lack of learning, inequality and health problems are some of the consequences that menstrual poverty intensifies in our society.

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“We have to stop this story of girls not studying because they don’t have tampons. It’s a daily deconstruction process,” said Rio’s Secretary of Education, Renan Ferreirinha (PSB), during the launch of the program.

Last Sunday (10), Bolsonaro threatened to retaliate against the population if the National Congress overturns the veto. “If Congress overturns the tampon veto, I’m going to take money from health and education, I have to take it from somewhere,” he said.

The bill approved in Congress provides sanitary napkins free of charge to women in situations of social vulnerability.

Source: BoF Rio de Janeiro

Edition: Eduardo Miranda

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