After being expelled from reality, Nego do Borel is investigated by

Singer Leno Maycon Viana Gomes, known as Nego do Borel, is investigated by the police for the rape of a vulnerable person in the reality show A Fazenda 13, shown by TV Record.

The case occurred at dawn on Saturday (25) involving model Dayane Mello. According to the São Paulo Public Security Secretariat (SSP-SP), “The victim’s lawyer appeared at the police station and reported the facts, in addition to presenting a flash drive with images of the incident. The case was registered by the Itapecerica da Serra Police Station.”

The agency emphasized that other details of the investigation will be preserved for “ensure the autonomy of police work”.

Images from the program show that the singer insists on sleeping with the model, who showed to be unconscious after drinking alcohol during a party on Friday night.

With the lights off, the camera shows movement under the comforter where they were. On social networks, the public highlighted that the model asks Borel to stop because she had a daughter.

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Some participants of A Fazenda also alerted the singer. “Seriously chat. If she doesn’t respond, you’re the one who leaves, Nego,” said singer MC Gui, when questioning Dayane if she wanted to get out of the bed she was in and she didn’t respond. “So as not to give a problem, get her out of there”, asked the actress Solange Gomes

Dayane went through psychological assistance and was heard by the direction of the program, who decided to expel the singer on Saturday (25).

In a statement, TV Record says it is working on investigating the events through a multidisciplinary team that analyzes the recorded material, “in addition to waiting for Dayane and other pedestrians to wake up to gather more elements, speeches and testimonies that could support the decision to be taken. In light of the facts, Record TV’s management decided to withdraw Nego do Borel from the competition.”

After leaving, the singer’s staff said in an official statement that “The artist’s legal team is currently in contact with the channel’s legal team to investigate all the information and will comment when they have more details.”

The note also reinforces: “We make it clear that we are in favor of justice being done and we ask them to avoid trials without evidence or based on small clippings from the internet.”

Here outside

In his first appearance after being kicked out of the show, the singer said he was “very happy”. Alongside his mother Roseli Viana, he said in a video posted on her profile: “Hi, my fans, I got home. I’m very happy, I’m together. Thank you, it’s us.” Roseli also says that “everything is fine, we’ll talk tomorrow”.

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The singer is accused of domestic violence by three ex-girlfriends, including model Duda Reis, who has claimed to have been drugged and raped while in a relationship with Borel.

Before what happened within the reality, Duda spoke about Borel’s presence on TV: “The greatest shame is for a station to have attitudes like this in several years, to put aggressors with a criminal record on TV and give these men chances. It’s very sad, very painful and a disservice to society,” said the model on her Instagram account.

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