After an Umbanda blessing to Lula, Allan dos Santos

Pocket blogger Allan dos Santos stated on his Instagram profile that “Lula is also supported by demons,” after the former PT president received a blessing from an Umbanda representative in Fortaleza, Ceará. The activist also demanded a position from the National Conference of Bishops of Brazil (CNBB) on Lula’s meeting with the religious leader.

“This Sunday, it is important to talk about the silence of the CNBB. Mark your parish priest and bishop. Enough of Lula! Enough! Our Brazil belongs to the Lord Jesus,” said Santos. The publication is accompanied by a video, which shows the nun, who was not presented for the ceremony, blessing the former president.

The meeting was part of the event “Lula with culture and social movements”, which is part of the PT’s agenda on his visit to the Northeast, where he has been building alliances to dispute the 2022 elections.

“You’re going to win, we don’t deserve everything we’re going through. Long live the deputies and councilors, long live the Brazilian woman”, says the religious leader. Check from 1:16:13 on the video.

For Father Rodney de Oxossi, babalorixá and anthropologist, Allan dos Santos was a racist. “This is religious racism. Religious intolerance is one of the most hideous faces of racism. In fact, we need to make this shift, get out of the discourse that talks about religious intolerance and explain that it is a crime. With that statement, he is inciting violence and hatred. We know who gets stoned and has their temples stoned, who has suffered at the hands of drug dealers linked to the militia.”

Also according to the priest, Allan dos Santos acts in accordance with the broader project of the current federal government. “Historically and systematically we are persecuted in this country. This chase was once police. Today, this persecution continues, but with those neo-Pentecostal groups that have allied themselves with the Pocketnarists. In fact, they go in the same direction, we cannot lose from the north, which is an ongoing Christian-evangelical project in the country and has persecution of African-based religions in its north.”

Lula with religious leaders in Ceará / Foto; PT Ceara

Edition: Vinícius Segalla

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