After a thousand days in the DF, Ibaneis Rocha’s management is

Governor Ibaneis Rocha (MDB) was elected in 2018 with the promise of creating in the Federal District a favorable environment for economic development, attracting business activities, and enhancing the consumption power of families, with access to housing, health and education.

During the campaign, there were hundreds of hugs from voters, handshakes and happy photos with pastels in their hands. This reality has been left behind and today, after two years and nine months at the head of the Palácio do Buriti, the population is bitter with evictions, diversion of health resources, inefficiency in the vaccination process, privatization of public companies and the massive impoverishment of Brasilienses .

::Subway privatization is bad business for the population of the DF, say entities ::

According to a survey by the Brazilian Institute of Economics of the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV Ibre), coordinated by economist Daniel Duque, the federal capital reached the ranking of the most impoverished Federation unit between the first quarter of 2019 and January 2021. In the DF , the poverty percentages went from 12.9% to 20.8% of the population.

For Thiago Ávila, socio-environmentalist and human rights activist in the DF, Ibaneis said he was a novelty, far from “traditional politics”, but managed the Federal District “deepening inequalities, scrapping public services, evicting poor families in the middle of a pandemic while he bought the mansion most expensive of the DF. It repressed and expelled street vendors, carried out the privatization of the CEB full of illegalities, and joined Bolsonaro in the denial and neglect of the pandemic. It’s been a bad government and it didn’t even deserve to finish its term”, he points out.

:: More than 1,400 families are at risk of eviction in the DF, says campaign ::


Deputy Artele Sampaio (PT) emphasizes that “there is almost nothing to celebrate” in these more than a thousand days of Ibaneis administration.

“In health, we are seeing the absurd chaos and the mistake that the government created the Institute for Strategic Health Management, because it divided the DF’s public health system and turned the Iges-DF into a consumer of money.”

::Protesters act against chaos and corruption in the health of the DF ::

Sampaio denounces that the Institute consumes around 30% of all the resources of the Federal District’s health fund. The deputy adds that the Legislative Chamber of the DF “every month we have to approve more resources for the Institute”.

On CLDF’s agenda is Bill No. 2223/2021, which provides for a supplementary credit to the Federal District’s Annual Budget Law in the amount of R$ 446.48 million. The project allocates around R$ 180 million to pay the expenses of September and October of the Federal District Health Strategic Management Institute (Iges-DF).

For deputy Leandro Grass (Rede), “the government that has placed public health in the Federal District in a chaotic situation, aggravating existing problems. A government that unfortunately does not take care of the most vulnerable population, which does not work for the poor. A government stained and drowned in corruption, inefficiency and incompetence”, he says.


“We have the discontinuity of important secretariats, such as the education secretariat, which already has four secretaries in two years and nine months of government, three secretaries in social assistance, that is, the government does not know where it is going. In short, the Ibaneis government represents an ungoverned boat and this puts the population of the Federal District at risk, because we are being led to an uncertain future, with problems that may become irreversible”, observes deputy Grass.

In the assessment of the president of the DF Workers’ Single Central, Rodrigo Rodrigues, governor Ibaneis Rocha sneaks into the gaps of the pandemic to benefit politically.

“Ibaneis did not face any major strike during his government and took advantage of this to take measures to hand over the state, as is the case with the privatization of CEB, which has proved to be completely ineffective.”

Rodrigues defends actions of mobilization and confrontation, so that “the DF has a government really concerned with the working class”, he said.

Source: Federal District BdF

Edition: Flávia Quirino

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