After 14 days, Itamaraty decides on the attack

The first official statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the attack on the Consulate General of China in Rio de Janeiro took place last Thursday (30), 14 days after the episode that is under investigation by the Civil Police.

In the note, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that it “has received with satisfaction the information from the Police Department of the Capital of Rio de Janeiro that the investigations into the attack committed against the Consulate General of China in that city are being conducted with speed and promptness” .

According to the statement on the Itamaraty’s official website, “every effort will be made to elucidate the case and bring the person responsible or those responsible to justice, and also to protect the security of the diplomatic and consular body accredited in Brazil.”

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In a report from Newspaper, Minister Carlos França said the attack was “a police matter”.

“Of course, we got in touch with the embassy, ​​the consulate, we made all the security protocol, we made ourselves available. Of course, we regret it. Now, I wanted to know what that was. Was it crazy or a political attack, question of hate, what is that? The moment we had more conditions, we released a note. We are not police”, highlighted the chancellor to the Sheet.


The attack took place on the night of Thursday (16) and was recorded by security cameras at the consulate.

In the images it is possible to identify a man wearing a black mask and cap, who launches an explosive device at the building.

The attack, which caused damage to the entrance to the building, had no injuries. On the 18th, the Chinese consulate released an official note in which it classified the action as an “act of serious violence” and demanded a serious investigation of the case.

“It was a serious act of violence to which the Consulate General of China expresses its vehement condemnation. Maintaining close communication with the Brazilian authorities, this consular mission calls for a thorough investigation into the attack, the punishment of the culprit under the law and appropriate measures to prevent similar incidents from happening again”, the statement says.

The US Embassy in Brazil and the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB) also spoke out shortly after the case, repudiating the act of violence and demanding protection from the diplomatic mission.

Source: BoF Rio de Janeiro

Edition: Jaqueline Deister

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