After 100 million tests and flight suspensions, China

China has no covid-19 cases, its local authorities report. The Asian country detected an outbreak in the city of Nanjing on July 20, and the disease has spread to 17 provinces. After testing, contact tracing and social isolation measures, the situation was brought under control.

More than 100 million nucleic acid tests have been performed in entire cities. In Yangzhou, the city hardest hit by the outbreak, 12 rounds of PCR tests were carried out. Selective quarantines and other movement restriction measures were also applied.

In Beijing, districts were isolated and the city had 10 cases of the delta variant. Flight and train services were suspended in the Chinese capital.

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“We have always said that our goal is to zero cases, so the measures are severe. Containing covid-19 is essential for the stability of the economy as well,” said Mi Feng, a spokesman for China’s Health Commission.

The Asian country has already applied 935 million doses of vaccines against covid-19 and more than half of the Chinese population, around 777 million people, are already fully immunized.

Edition: Leandro Melito

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