Affected denounce six years of crime by Samarco/Vale/BHP

The collapse of the Fundão tailings dam, in Bento Rodrigues, owned by Samarco Mineração SA, controlled by Vale and BHP Billiton, completes six years this Friday (5). To mark the date, affected communities and the Movement of People Affected by Dams (MAB) promote a series of activities in Mariana and Governador Valadares.

Movement denounces that damage has not yet been repaired

In addition to causing the death of 19 people, the rupture caused an abortion forced by the mud and spilled 48.3 million cubic meters of mud, which traveled about 650 kilometers between Mariana (MG) and the mouth of the Rio Doce, located in the village. of Regency (ES).

In a statement, the Movement of People Affected by Dams (MAB) stated that “to this day, there are several communities with difficult access to water. Many houses receive poor quality water, coming from artesian wells drilled by the Renova Foundation, which have a smell and color”.

Dam failure caused the death of 19 people

The movement also denounces that thousands of people in the Rio Doce Basin have fallen ill due to contact with toxic sludge, and that the repair agreements between the mining company and the state government favor the company.

“The renegotiation table opened in Rio Doce mediated by the National Council of Justice (CNJ) has not yet opened up space for real participation. Two public hearings have already been held, but with no real impact on the discussions, which shows that the repair model remains the same after 6 years without great results and that there is no opening for changes. The injustice towards those affected continues to be the consequence of this model of reparation”, states the movement in a statement.

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Check the schedule

11 am – Act at Praça Minas Gerais – Meeting of those affected by Mariana and Brumadinho in the fight for justice
2 pm – Visit to the resettlement of Paracatu de Baixo
4 pm – Mass in the community of Bento Rodrigues

Valadares Governor
10 am – Ecumenical celebration, act of the MAB and the Permanent Forum in Defense of the Rio Doce on the banks of the Rio Doce, in the São Pedro district.

Source: BoF Minas Gerais

Edition: Larissa Costa

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