Accused of harassing opponents, president of

President Jair Bolsonaro (no party) received this Tuesday (24) in Brasília with the honors of head of state his counterpart in Guinea-Bissau, Umaro Sissoco Embaló. The agenda also included the presence of ministers and the performance of the national anthem.

Like Brazil, Guinea-Bissau is a former colony of Portugal and part of the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP). The African country, with 1.9 million inhabitants, has one of the lowest human development indices (0.420) in the world and a recent history marked by political instability and coups d’etat.

In 2010, about 70% of Guineans were below the poverty line living on $2 a day, according to World Bank data.

Embaló has already claimed that the country’s journalists are “amateurs” and threatened to close local radio stations. Human rights activist and lawyer Luís Vaz Martins has also accused the president of Guinea-Bissau of being involved in an assassination attempt of which he was the victim.

The information is from DW. Embaló, in turn, claimed not to have participated in the attack suffered by Martins and announced that he would sue the activist.

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“Guinea-Bissau is an important partner in Brazilian South-South cooperation. Currently, projects are being carried out in the areas of agriculture; health; training of diplomats, soldiers and security forces; school meals; higher education; and resource management Since 2000, around 1,500 young university students from Bissau-Guinea have been selected by the Student Program Agreement of the Ministry of Education of Brazil,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil said in a statement.

Edition: Leandro Melito

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