“Accomplice”: medical association criticizes the Federal Council of

This Tuesday (28), the Brazilian Association of Female Doctors for Democracy (ABMMD) released a statement criticizing the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) for its “omission” in the Prevent Senior crisis. The association also asked the Federal Public Ministry and the Federal Court of Accounts to “adopt the measures that are necessary for the CFM to fulfill its institutional responsibilities.”

“Due to its omission, the CFM became an accomplice of the federal government in the policies to fight covid-19, contrary to what is recommended by the WHO (World Health Organization) and by international protocols, disregarding the best existing scientific evidence”, stated the ABMMD .

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Documents delivered to the CPI of the Pandemic revealed that Prevent Senior used drugs without proven efficacy in patients with covid-19, without them being warned about the use of the drugs.

“Such experiments would have occurred with the commission of various irregularities, including the withholding of information from patients, adulteration of medical records, omission of deaths, the misuse of medicines called the ‘COVID kit’ and the imposition of prescriptions on the body’s physicians clinical, in clear affront to the precept of medical autonomy”, points out the association.

Also according to the entity, “the damage caused to public health and, therefore, to Brazilian society by the CFM’s position cannot go unpunished”.

Edition: Rebeca Cavalcante

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