A step back

On August 31, 2016, the Federal Senate approved, with only 20 votes against, a coup, only against a democratically elected president, an innocent president, bell against democracy and against the Brazilian pueblo. A coup against Brazil.

However, on April 17, when the Chamber of Deputies, in one of its most ancient sessions, it admitted to processing a denunciation against President Dilma, by which the party of Aécio Nieves, the PSDB, pagó approximately 45 thousand reais.

Days after the Hubie Chamber accepted the denunciation, the PMDB, in an act carried out in the National Congress, launched a new economic and social program for Brazil. The program is named “Un Puente para el Futuro – La Travesía Social”. The party’s leaders, its president, then senator Romero Jucá, and the vice president of the Republic, Michel Temer, participated in this act.

It is worth remembering that Jucá was the famous phrase “we must remove Dilma through a great national agreement, with the Supreme, as a whole”. The sentence anticipates Brazil and the world the coup intentions of the party of the vice president of the Republic.

The so-called “Puente para el Futuro” was the one that interested the market, the link that united the political strengths that had always defended the economic interests of capital, above all of international capital.

They claimed that the solution to the Brazilian problems would undergo further fiscal adjustments and structural reforms, which would be very hard for the whole of the Brazilian population, but from there on, in this country it would develop, the economy would grow and generate thousands of new jobs, as well as new income generation opportunities.

We knew that nothing eso would occur, like hecho no ocurrió. On the contrary, what they hicieron was to take Brazil to destruction. Our economy was destroyed, the public patrimony dilapidated and public policies Cesaron. What grows in Brazil is the unemployment, the hambre and the misery. You are seeing a step towards the retroceso!

For five years we have witnessed a strong union between political, media, business and judicial forces around a new project in Brazil, a surrendered and anti-popular project. What they wanted was the return of neoliberalism, the sea, the return of a project that favored large capital at the expense of the interests of the majority of the population.

It turns out that this decision, in addition to creating an inheritance, has not yet healed, because it has hard hit our democracy, one of the greatest economic crises, a profound social setback and the impoverishment of our people. The consequences for the pueblo have been very, very serious.

After the acceptance of the denunciation against Dilma by the Chamber of Deputies, the case was the Federal Senate, which after its reception constituted the Procesing Commission.

I see how it came out today from the debate we held around the opportunity to form part of the aforementioned commission. We knew that it would be a scene of lies and that the only objective would be to legitimize one of the greatest farces that had never taken place in Brazil.

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In our debate, the opinion prevailed that we should form part of the commission, although there had been only the slightest possibility of victory. And in the commission, just like in the plenary of Congress, we say battle, with much strength and combativeness, the fight for the narrative. Y, no place for doubts, victorious ¡salimos!

It was based on the many documents and policies that guaranteed Dilma’s innocence and on the lack of legal bases that justified the impeachment, that we unmasked the farce, the fraud, the coup.

They won the vote, the coup was possible, but we were others who won the debate, who demonstrated to Brazil and the world that that was a big farce, that it was not an impeachment, that it was a coup.

The last day of August 31 was a day of great sadness for all of us and all of us, of great sadness for Brazil, which for five years has undergone a suffering without end. Anyway, the 31st of August was also a day to celebrate hope. The hope that we are going to resume the process of national development, that we are going to rescue Brazil for the pueblo brasileño.

* Translated from Portuguese to Rebelión by Alfredo Iglesias Diéguez

Edition: Thales Schmidt

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