1 sandal = two looks!

Hello girls!

Today’s post is 2 in 1!

I was so excited to debut my sandal goddess from Carmen Steffens that I took advantage of the holiday and on the same day I set up 2 productions with her! I thought it was cool to post to show the versatility of this model, since the 2 looks have different proposals.

Oh and today’s photos have a special participation of my little baby Olivia !!!

The first was for a morning stroll with my little girl and my husband, we went to have a family breakfast … in fact, this meal has taken on a very special air since our little pinch started to stroll. As we always prefer outdoor seating to be more comfortable for her, our weekends schedule almost always starts with a super nice coffee, we love hanging out with her so much, and she loves it too!

Zara pants, Le Lis Blanc silk tank top, Carmen Steffens sandal.

Anyone who accompanies me here knows that I love a mix of colors, so I abuse the intense and bright tones that harmonize with my skin tone.

Ah a tip … these colorful silk tank tops are a real wildcard in the wardrobe, girls. Because they are of a noble fabric, they value any production and you can combine it with jeans, shorts, and a skirt. Here in the heat of Rio they work very well, and if it gets cold, just play a third piece – cardigan, jacket, etc.


In the late afternoon we went to lunch at the Fashion Mall with my in-laws. I chose cropped black crepe pants and a blouse with transparency.



This sandal, besides being beautiful and versatile, turned out to be ultra comfortable! What is perfect for me in this moment of motherhood, when I need comfort but I don’t want to give up my beloved heels. I already saw that this one will be hit in the closet! LOL

Did you like it ?!


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